Money Back Policy

Our company always strives to deliver a service of the highest quality. However, we understand that miscommunication may occur, and for such instances, we have created this money back policy. Requesting a revision is easy. You just need to notify the interpreter that you want your translation to be reviewed. You can send a private message from your personal page or contact the support team. Our experts will be happy to assist you with the revision process.

What is our service’s money back policy: how to start a dispute, in which cases you can have a money back, comments, and requests?

What Should You Know to Get Your Money Back?

1. To meet customer needs, our company provides a revision service. It is completely free for customers within 10 days after the order delivery. So, the refund can be requested within 10 days once the order is finished. Later requests are not accepted and can be reviewed only in exceptional cases since the translated documents are moved to the “Approved” section after ten days.

2. There must be at least two revisions performed before you open a claim at Dispute Department. Minimum one revision is necessary for four, eight- and twelve-hour deadlines orders.

3. The Dispute Department’s email address can be inquired from the customer care members. Please, contact our representatives and they will assist you to do the necessary arrangements. The manager will carefully consider your request and decide within 7-10 days. Please, note that if you have not applied for a refund within 10 days after the order delivery, you are not eligible for it.

In What Cases Do You Need to Contact a Dispute Manager?

If the translation was not delivered on time, it is important to find out the reasons for the delay. Here are the possible scenarios:

·         If the customer did not provide the interpreter with additional materials and instructions on time, they are not eligible for a refund.

·         If the translation was delivered after the original deadline, but the client had agreed to the deadline extension, they are not eligible for a refund.

·         If the order deadline was longer than 7 days, but the delivery was a bit delayed, the customer may return up to 10% of the original cost. 

You have a right to open a dispute because of the lateness with revision. You may be eligible for an up to 15% refund in this case.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the translation, send your complaints to the Dispute Department by e-mail. You will receive a decision within 7-10 days. Your reasons must be compelling, please do not just say “I didn’t like it.” Please stay in touch in case we have questions.

Refund Cases

  • A full refund is issued to the customer if they have made two orders that are identical or pay for the same order or feature two or more times.
  • If our service fails to find the interpreter for your order (though it happens very rarely), we assure a compensation of the entire payment and a discount for your future order with us. We’d like to stress that our company has more than 650 active interpreters, so such cases are exceptions to the rule.
  • In case the translation is delivered to you later than the time frame set, you can request the price recalculation according to the next longer deadline cost with the same requirements. However, if your order’s deadline was 7 or 14 days, only a 10% refund is possible.
  • The lateness of revision is a non-refundable feature and can be claimed to the Dispute Department in exceptional cases. If the order’s or revision’s lateness is caused by the customer’s late delivery of additional materials or clarification refund is not possible as well as in case the customer allows us to have an extension for the order.
  • When a dispute on the order is opened, we can’t perform more revisions.

Order’s Cancelation Rules

All of our clients have a chance to cancel their orders. However, the amount of money for refund depends on the time of your request:

- In case the order was canceled right away after its placement and no interpreter has been assigned so far, the full refund will be sent.

- The interpreter is assigned and less than half of the deadline passed – you can apply for a 70% refund to be sent back.

- If you cancel the order after more than half of the time frame passes you are getting 30% issued back.

- Once the text is translated, no refunds can be issued back to the client.

Other Cases

Unsatisfactory Quality or Instructions Were Not Met

We do our best to fulfill all the customer’s requirements, however, if you feel like they were not followed or the quality of the translation is lower than expected, you can contact our Dispute Department with your claim and request a refund.

Order’s Changes

If the customer requests to amend the set of the instructions previously provided for the order, our company has a right to request an additional payment (30-70% of the starting price) in turn, since an interpreter has been assigned. The exact price depends on the changes you need to be made and the time that has already been spent on your document. After sending a payment request (via email, message or phone), we shall proceed to the translation according to a new instruction.

Our customers will be notified about the payment request via email, phone or message. In case we are not able to reach the client, our company reserves the right to finish the translation in accordance with the updated instruction in order to meet the deadline.


We look forward to productive cooperation!