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What Do We Mean by Academic Editing Service?

Improvement in Terms of the Content and Referencing

Your personal editor will double-check your ideas and facts to make sure they are correct and to the point. References, as well as citing, will be checked.


Academic papers have strict requirements for the structure. We will make sure all parts are present and correspond to the requirements.

English Academic Editing Service

Your grammar means more than you may think. Our academic editing service experts will make sure your paper is errorless in terms of grammar, spelling, and word choice.

Adding Academic Expressiveness

Have you heard about metaphors in academic language? Our professionals have; and indeed using suitable metaphors/idioms etc. makes your paper advanced.

Subjects We Deal With

IT & Software
Government & NGO
Manufacturing & Engineering
Mobile & Video Games
Marketing & Advertising
Retail & E-Commerce

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Give Your Order Details

Download your file and set the instructions for the order – define what language you need to translate the document into and specify any additional requirements (if needed).

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Certified Translation Company will calculate the cost of the work depending on the language you chose, number of words, and deadline. And yes, we offer discounts.

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Why Choose Us?

How can I get the best price for academic writing editing services?

Our prices are pocket-friendly, but in case you want to save a bit more, you are welcome to select a longer deadline. If you do not need a full editing and you are concerned just about the grammar and formatting, proofreading service is at your disposal, and it is much cheaper.

Is it possible to communicate with the person who performs my academic editing service?

Unlike many other services, we offer you a platform for communication with your editor. The expert will ask questions where necessary, as well as give you some hints on how not to make the same mistakes again.

Is your academic editing service safe to use?

You can order with us without hesitation, as we will never plagiarize your paper. Only your editor and authorized support have access to the text, and they are responsible for not sharing it with third parties. Your personal information is also confidential. As for payment, our academic editing service never gets your private details since you checkout via payment system.

Can I come back for revisions for the academic editing service performed?

Yes, we have unlimited free revisions to make sure you are totally satisfied with what you get from our service. We will definitely make your paper shine.

Aisha Bennett
Business Studies

I enjoyed this company’s academic writing editing services, as every time I order here, I get highly professional assistance. I always order with the same writer, so it is easy for him to meet my particular demands. After a year of ordering here, my average grade in my major raised from C to A. Moreover, I feel that professional academic editing helped me in understanding how perfect papers look like and how to write them. I love your company!

Thomas Lee

I did not know that companies like this ever perform professional academic editing service for Accounting papers. You know how important it is not to miss a number in such assignments. I was surprised that you agreed to do it, and I was even more pleasantly surprised after I received my paper. Good that you have noticed all my mistakes. If I submitted the assignment the way I had written it, I would have failed. A great thank you for your work! Consider me your service’s regular customer from now on.

Jessica Edison

Not everyone knows that Linguistics can be technical. In my case, it was. My Phonetics assignment was due in 8 hours, and I was 95% sure I did it wrong, but there was no one to review it. So, I went online and found this service. Late at night, they managed to find a Phonetics expert to check my urgent case, and indeed it had a lot of issues. In the morning, I had a well-done paper that later was graded as A. Your service is like a gift from heaven!

Melissa Collins
IT, Web

I got my code corrected. I am at the first steps of becoming a Software Developer, so there are a lot of questions I have. Luckily, this service has someone to answer my queries and the price for this is quite acceptable. Obviously, checking code is something very different than regular English academic editing, so I am glad that you give such an opportunity. This is a perfect example of the customer-oriented service.

Jacob Tailor

A good research paper requires an in-depth knowledge of the topic, and I admit this is something I lacked. Moreover, I was confused about which sources should better be used. Therefore, I have sent my draft to the professional on this website. She fixed my errors, as well as replaced some whole paragraphs, having added some references and removed others. This was a major professional academic editing, and I feel like the work is worth the money paid. I did feel proud to have submitted such a well-done research paper, and that is thanks to your service!

Mary Brown

I had a case study assignment and I did it myself, but was not sure it was done right. As this grade was important for my course outcome, I decided to double-check it with a professional service. It turned out that it was a very good idea. After I received the edited paper, I realized that the final verdict was changed. I have read the paper once again, and I found the source of the issue: one very important detail has been initially overlooked. You are my lifesavers, indeed.